Saturday, May 1, 2010

Six word saturday

I will feed my good dog...

Ok, I guess that might need a little explanation.  I was talking with my partner at work today and he told me that he'd recently read a quote that got him thinking.  The quote/short story went something like this.  "I have a good dog and a bad dog.  They like to fight alot.  Which one wins you ask?  Whichever one I feed..."    Well, this made him decide to start reading the bible a little more.  He said he's fed his bad dog enough and it's time to start feeding the good one.  I love good quotes...they really can get you motivated to make change.  I know I definitely try to feed my good dog regularly...and hopefully she's a bit fatter than my bad dog!


  1. May the good dog win, or at least the cute dog in your picture.

  2. OMG! That is adorable! I actually have a picture of my boy dog with butterfly! Great minds think alike! ;O)

    Happy SWS!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Six Words -
    Glasses make me look more intelligent.

  4. this has got to be the one time when it's a good thing to feed her all the time!! this was such a wonderful story, one i hope to take to heart as well :)
    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my new template...i found that little plant growing right out by my mailbox and i couldn't help but love its determination!
    a happy rainy saturday to you, so glad you posted today!

  5. Great six words
    Happy 6ws

  6. What a great quote/story!
    Happy 6WS!!

  7. Six words from the bespectacled dog:

    Fattened belly makes me feel goofy!

    My blog is all original inspirational writings. The most recent one is about smiling.


  8. Following you - - I hope you find the peace you need.


    some May awards,
    Happy Sunday!


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