Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday 160...I'm heading to the nascar race today!

A colorful crowd
the scenery a blur of color and noise
the speeds conquering well over 100
engines roaring, wall hugging
a sudden blown tire
isn't it "the pits"

**this is a sunday 160. How much can you say in 160 characters.  To learn more or take the challenge, visit Monkey Man from "Challenges I love"


  1. oh caty, your 160 is fantastic! i especially love the ending, very nice word play!! take care and be careful! my son went to a nascar race a few years back and he said that at the race's end, everyone in the stands was covered with tiny peices of shredded rubber from the races tires...left me with a such a funny picture!

  2. I started to race through this 160 but the yellow caution flag came out so I slowed down and enjoyed the ride. Great 160. Have a terrific Memorial Day.

  3. Excellent word picture! As I write this, my two sons and two friends are in Indianapolis sitting in the stands, waiting for the flags to drop. They drive out every year for this "guy pilgrimage" - no wives allowed (not that they'd want to go!).

  4. I went to Charlotte last year. I am about 3 hours away. Have fun!

  5. woohoo! have fun...hope you dont get stuck next to the over weight guy, without a shirt, sloshing his beer...just take an umbrella...smiles. i think he sat next to me at charlotte...

  6. Wow, look how wobbly the tread mark left behind.

    Fun 160.

  7. I've never been to such a race, but it sounds exciting. Neat 160.


  8. what exciting 160.
    race your way to a magical bay...
    Happy Happy Sunday!

  9. this does seem like fun. the sounds of engines roaring does take my breath away.

  10. just like your running feet,
    this image is on the run,
    it is great fun
    to read and enjoy the post...
    Happy Sunday!
    Thank you for the comments and encouragement!
    u Rock!


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