Friday, May 28, 2010

Is life normal on Mars?

Sometimes people confuse me.  Why they do such things. Today I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful blonde 2 year old little boy.  He is the victim of a hit and run drunk driver.  The history of the driver is horrible.  A 45 year old man with 2 pending DUI's in the last 6 months and he hasn't had a license in 12 years.  Yet, he is allowed to continue to stalk the streets in a murderous vehicle and in a complete drunken stupor.  Why is he still free?  I guess his conscience got the better of him in an instance of sober because he turned himself in. But now the once free-spirited, funny, normal two year old has neurological deficits that he may not ever recover from.  In the fifteen minutes it took me to start his IV, his grandma sobbingly told us his heartbreaking story.  I wish a simple hug would make things better for them.

And that's not the end of his story.  His momma left him in the hospital room for a bit today with her boyfriend (I think he is the child's daddy, too) and when she came back, there was a bright red hand print on the little boy.  What more does this little boy have to go through?  Stress is no excuse for that kind of behavior!  Now on top of the loss of their "normal" little boy, this family has to deal with possible abuse issues too.

People confuse me, but the element of surprise is slowly disappearing.  I can't say it surprises me anymore when I hear such stories and see such behaviors.  The world has gone crazy and gets worse every day.  I'm moving to Mars!


  1. oh man so many things to just make me angry with this heart breaks for the little one...

  2. if mars is taking applicants then show me where to sign up!
    caty, i'm not sure how you could stomach seeing this over and over? i can only tell you that i'm so glad your heart is tender beneath that armor of self protection! the kids in your ward need your compassion and i'd have to guess that you've been placed exactly in the right place!
    i echo your hearts cry today. why is he still driving? why take your frustration out on such an innocent child?? i pray the little fella makes it out of this tragedy...

  3. what a heartbreaking story. there are true victims in this world. this little boy didn't deserve any of what he is enduring. this world is hard to make sense of sometimes. thanks for sharing this. yeah, if only a simple hug would make things right.

  4. Recently heard a tale of a man in Seattle that was arrested for missing a court date for his ninth DUII. NINE! WTF. This poor child having abuse piled on misfortune. Innocence deserves better.


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