Monday, May 31, 2010

Magpie 16...the soldier's shoes

Sitting alone on the floor of their closet,
he cradled the shoes she wore the very first time they danced.
He remembered the scent of her perfume, the loose style of her long brown hair.
The way she looked at him and smiled, as if he was the only other existence.

Memories of their wedding shaped in his mind.
The way she looked walking down the aisle
in her pearl white flowing dress
beads strewn throughout her hair.
Their vows said and I do's pronounced.

He also remembered the day she left
He remembered kissing her goodbye
And telling her to return safely
He watched her board the bus that would take her away
...and never bring her back.

The knock at the door clear in his mind.
His worst nightmare come true.
The soldiers told him the tragic news
His wife had become a victim of war.
His wife gave her life for his freedom.

He held the shoes tightly to his chest
as he sat there alone on the closet floor.
Memories flowing through his mind.
Tears flowing from his face.

**This was a magpie tale.  Check out Magpie tales from "Challenges I love" to read some great stuff!  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.  Thank you to all the men and women who have given their service and their lives for our freedom and who continue to serve and protect our freedom every day!


  1. Emotional and poignant reminder of Memorial Day.

  2. a stirring tale indeed...i would hate to be the recipient of one of those visits...whew. happy memorial day! and thank you to those that gave all...

  3. As a woman who served in the military, although thankfully never put into a position of great danger, I found myself very emotional over your piece.

    I think it's a great reminder to maybe those who aren't so close to it all, that woman sacrifice their lives in war too. That someone who could've worn those high heels may also be donning combat boots.

    Thanks for your thoughtful, albeit tragic, magpie.
    - Dina

  4. Of course ... the perfect Magpie for this Memorial Day. Thank you!

  5. oh caty, what a marvelous and terribly sad magpie...perfect for memorial day. it's horrible that this is really happening in so many homes all across this's my prayer that those who remain will find the peace it takes to carry on.

  6. What a sad Magpie, but well written. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So touching. A perfect Memorial Magpie.

  8. sad and moving tale..
    thank you for the intelligence in including heroes or heroines in this meme...

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. wonderful,touching and sadly true
    for many in the military
    and for their families
    thank you for this one

  10. Sad but beautiful, very touching.


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