Friday, May 14, 2010 pie

Tonite, I've been baking.  In preparation for a birthday celebration for my twin best friends, this is what I have been up to:


  1. That looks lovely! I was baking yesterday too, pineapple pie. Tasted good but didn´t make a nice photo, so I guess I´ll have to bake it again some time and blog about it! ;-) Hope you´ll have a nice birthday celebration for your friends!

  2. mmm...i love fruit pies...i can smell it if i close my eyes...ahh...

  3. good morning, caty :) um, don't be surprised to find a small sliver of your beautiful pie's been such a long time since i've enjoyed apple pie that i couldn't resist it ;) hey, we both know your twin friends are going to be a year older with or without a perfect apple pie, right??
    have a great day, my friend!


    Glad to see you in my blog,
    Happy Saturday!


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