Thursday, May 6, 2010

my baby world...(my job)

Yesterday was another incredibly busy day in baby world.  First I had to assist with an unexpected, emergency c-section of a baby with prenatally diagnosed CCAM (which means they noted a large mass inside the baby's chest-outside of the lungs-on ultrasound).  The thing is that our hospital doesn't deliver this is a big event when it happens.  I work at a large children's hospital that doesn't deliver; yeah it's sounds strange to me too.  Anyway, we have all the staff and equipment to deliver so the baby was in excellent hands, so no worries there.  The little fellow didn't want to do much when he was born; we had to give him a breathing tube.  He was several weeks early and his little lungs just weren't ready to do all the work on their own.  I checked on him today and he is doing great.  He's had his lung medicine, some antibiotics and is on his way to saying goodbye to the tube.   ...and the great news...the baby doesn't have CCAM; he will not be needing surgery!

After all that was finished, we had to go to another hospital and pick up a sweet little babe with a heart defect.  He will be on his way to surgery in the next couple of days.  I've checked on him too and he's just hanging out and chilling with his nurses right now.   My patients made me smile, even though I was working on one hour of sleep yesterday.  Needless to say, I went home last night and fell out (asleep). 

Today, I am busy working on a presentation from a case I did a few months ago.  I have to present it next Tuesday and talking to a group is not my strong suit...this ought to be good.  On top of it all, I have never even put together a power point.  This really ought to be good! 

Well, that's the latest from baby world.  I love my job!


  1. its got to be really rewarding to work with those little ones. birth is such a amagical time. smiles.

  2. The world would be lost without people like you in it. There can be no more valuable and rewarding job than preserving and easing a new and tiny life.

  3. i'm excited to hear how your presentation worked out! it is obvious to me that not only are you perfectly suited for this job that you love, i just know that you're a blessing to them, too!
    can't fathom such tender little lives on the brink of do you do it??

  4. what achievement in your own ways!


    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Keep up all your hard work, i'm currently going through my baby being induced soon due to kidney defect and it warms my heart to know that staff like yourself will be there to do everything they can to help at this sad time as i know at 24 week my baby won't survive.

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    I don't know if you'll get to read this or not. I wanted to say thanks for the kind words and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what you are going through. I don't know what kind of kidney defect that your little baby has, but a 24 week infant has a decent chance of survival these days. We send many home after months in the hospital and sometimes with very little deficits. It's not an easy road for parent or baby, and there will be many months spent in the hospital, but it's possible. I'm not trying to fill you with false hope but you just sounded absolutely positive that your baby wasn't going to survive...again I don't know what the kidney defect is. If the staff is skilled and prepared, your little baby might have a chance.


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