Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Change has come

With the rearranging of my thinking and my heart the last couple of months, I decided that it was time to rearrange my blog and it's purpose.  So changes have been made.  My life will continue to change and I plan to embrace it-the highs and the lows-as they come.

I took my first of three swimming lessons today.  I am already a fairly good swimmer, but have decided that I want to be even better.  I've been thinking about doing a small triathlon within the next year so I need to focus on training in all three areas.  When I say small, I mean a 200meter swim, a 9 mile bike ride, and a 5k run.  Guess I should think about getting a bike first, huh?


  1. Learning to swim before a competitive swimming event is always a good idea. Cycling with an actual bike is also a good idea - Running along pretending like you're on a bike gets strange looks.

  2. It would be kind of like "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" with their fake horses...

  3. caty, this is stunning! i love the new look and your explanation of your growth and changes. what has made you irrisistable to me is that you have been so transparent before all of us...allowing us to pour love, kindness and acceptance into you. i know that this process was difficult but you chose not to roll up into a ball and die, chose instead to present yourself as broken and needing to be heard.
    truly, You are beauty from ashes!

  4. Thanks Sheri, your words really mean a lot to me. There were many times I wanted to just roll up into a ball and stay there, but I'm really glad I didn't allow myself to.


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