Monday, May 17, 2010

Magpie 14-The Perfect Plate

She finds herself drawn to the plate
with the perfect crack down the center
as it sits so pristine in the china cabinet;
The memories surround it with a mix
of sweet sorrow and smiles.

Flashbacks to a better time
filled with laughter and fun.
Reminiscing of a love once present
but no longer in her reach.
It speaks sad with an edge of bitter sweetness

she should rid of it, rid herself of this reminder
but one's life is made up of the little memories
of the things that made one laugh, one smile, one cry.
The memories make the loss worth enduring
despite the longing in her heart.

So in the cabinet it shall remain unharmed.
she will embrace the memories it inspires.
More plates she will add to her collection and
one day she will find that perfectly uncracked plate-
probably when she's not looking.


  1. I loved the line, "It speaks sad with an edge of bitter sweetness" -- although I can't see the crack in the picture, I can see it so clearly in your lines.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance, Caty -- I look forward to reading more of your writing!

  2. What! you stopped there! not fair!
    why is the plate cracked and what is she
    really looking for...not fair not fair!

  3. Wonderful tale of memories, cracks and love.

  4. Good Afternoon,
    what a brave magpie tale,
    I loved the sound of your poem...
    beautiful writing!
    thanks for visiting or commenting for my tale!

  5. I confess I don't know what a magpie tale is, but I enjoyed your writing.


  6. Amidst the dreams of a perfect life come the cracks of reality which compromise them a little. Well done.

  7. nice. into each life a cracked plate or two will fall...i like to think they just add character and flavor. nice magpie.

  8. oh caty, you sure captured my attention here!! your magpie is so beautiful, so full of hope and a settling, a coming to grips with issues that threaten to sink us for good, but knowing they won't. your words are powerful and full of embracing...they are wonderful to read!

  9. A wonderful metaphor - this plate of life. Nice work!

  10. A lovely story so well crafted, enjoyable read.


  11. Thank you for not saying what happened to the plate. My imagination filled in the blanks, and it was fun to make believe.

  12. This was so good I want more. PLEASE

  13. Always the search for something to fill our hearts (and cracks) .... good Magpie!


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