Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Sometimes I get my hopes up...

Don't you hate when you're excited about something and looking forward to it-then when it finally gets here and happens, it turns out to be a disappointment?  I think sometimes I put too much expectation into things and then when they don't turn out, it makes me have an after feeling of "blah."  Maybe if I wouldn't expect so much, my disappointment wouldn't be so great.  Can you really live life like that though...without hope and expectation?


  1. Yes I think that is natural to be excited for something...but it's a bummer what your are expecting dosen't happen! Happy Saturday!

  2. i hear you...nah, hope is important...but sometimes we get what we need and not what we wat...and sometimes that is hard to understand in the moment...

  3. Agree.
    Imagination is the best when it comes to entertaining, but in reality, we face disagreement and disappointment.

    awesome thoughts.

  4. I used to live with the thought "Expect the worst and never be disappointed." Needless to say I was pretty miserable always seeing the worst in a situation before it even happened. Now I try to be optimistic about everything. Sure I am probably setting myself up for disappointment sometimes, but it is better than the alternative.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog! I hope you have a fantastic weekend with no more disappointments!

  5. ~all too familiar feeling i think we have all experienced...i find that usually something is found through it all...a lesson a reason why something never came to be and sometimes just sometimes it is for the better...hope is always a good thing to attain...keeps us living for what is and will come to be...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. My six-word reply:

    Hope's so welcome
    For gladdened hearts!

    Happy Mother's Day!
    (I lost my Mom last October but still think of her often)

  7. I usually try to keep comments on 6 word saturday to six words, but today I make an exception. A wise man once told me, my level of serenity is inversely proportionate to my level of expectation. I am now a believer and pass on those words when appropriate. Now is such a time.

    Now my six words - Wise words should be freely given.

  8. Yes, excitement is a good thing. It can be tough though!

  9. you CAN live like that, without joy or expectations, but take it from me that it's just not that much fun! my lifelong pursuit just happens to be trying to find a balance between being manic and milquetoast ;) girl, you're gonna do just fine...

  10. Oh boy, I hear you on this one.

    It's hard to face the disappointments, but I still think that living with hope is better than having none at all...

    Meaningful 6WS. Thanks for sharing...

  11. I love words and "milquetoast" just made my day! Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. Great words, Monkey Man.

  12. Great six words and I have been there.

  13. Oh I know...that has happened to me many times in my life...but we must keep on hoping!

    Happy Wednesday...I am late reading SWS posts!


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