Thursday, May 13, 2010

almost perfection

Eating a slice of caramel pecan fudge brownie cheesecake a la mode at the Cheesecake Factory, spending all day shopping for a new summer wardrobe because last year's is too big, being with my very best friends for an entire day...there's not much more that needs to be added to this equation to make one perfect day!


  1. sounds like you are having a good one. smiles.

  2. oh girl, GOOD FOR YOU! you sound bright and bubbly today and we all need those kinda days!
    thanks for your comment on my 55 :) it's my story, again...i just don't seem to have the imagination to come up with something else just yet, lol

  3. count me in friend sounds great!!

  4. This really does sound like a fabulous day!


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