Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happiness...ah yes, I remember that feeling

Tonight I am feeling truly happy.  It may be short-lived, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.  Things seem to be going so well; I just hope it's not a calm before the storm.  But if it is, bring it.  I will enjoy the good and fight through the storm, as always.

I am going to the beach for the weekend, leaving Friday.  Myself and five of my dearest girlfriends spending the weekend at a beautiful beach in a fabulous hotel.  It's going to involve sand, being poolside, maybe an umbrella beverage or two, some dancing, dining, shopping,'s going to be wonderful.  Just what a girl needs :)

Also, my photography class is going well.  I received a 10/10 on my latest assignment.

Add to that, I may have a new car next week.  I've had my latest truck for eight years and it has been good to me.  It's not real good on gas though and it's starting to get tired.  I think it's ready for retirement, and I need to get a car with good gas mileage.  And just at the right time, I was offered a great deal!

This whole month is loaded with plans involving the fabulous people in my, I am happy :)


  1. its good to be happy...glad you are having such a great week...and have a fac time at the beach...slightly jealous. smiles.

  2. I am happy 4 u,
    stay cool,

  3. Have a great time and enjoy the sunshine.

  4. lovely image,
    dream about such a place...
    Happy Weekend!

  5. hi caty! well, as i sit here in my jammies, you are probably sitting poolside while enjoying the company of close friends, lucky you! i'm so glad that you had the chance to get away...your work sounds like it demands a lot of you! see you when you get back, maybe with some photos??
    are these the same gals that ran the marathon with you?

  6. Sheri, They are the same girls! We had a blast. It was so relaxing...naps on the beach :) Great food...we ate way too much. Lots of laughing, too! I hope everyone had a great weekend too!


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