Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Weekend in Heaven

Heaven was peaked at this weekend and reality just doesn't seem right anymore.
The orange sun gliding between clouds as we sat on the beach
A breeze so cooling we never broke a sweat.
The sound of the waves crashing over and over against the shore; my favorite sound in the whole world.
Outside shops of plenty and people from many walks of life.
Dinner on the river illuminated by the downtown city lights.
Enjoying our food as we listen to the rippling of the water in the fresh night air. 
Laughter and friendships shared...not a care in the world.
A weekend at the beach is just not long enough 
but experiencing just a slice of Heaven is better than none at all.
I'm ready to go back; I know what my Heaven will be like!


  1. smiles. your heaven sounds wonderful...where can i get a ticket?

  2. you make the earth heaven alike via love...
    rise above already...


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