Saturday, June 12, 2010

Concert Mishaps

When I go to a concert, there are three things I pray do not happen while I'm there.  One:  I pray I don't get beer spilled on me, two:  I pray no one falls in my lap, and three:  I pray that the people behind me aren't obnoxiously louder than the group singing.

Being at the Daughtry/Lifehouse concert in Charlotte last night with my best friends was absolutely a blast. The voices and guitar playing of these two groups never left me short of amazed.  Unfortunately, none of my prayers were answered.

The group of guys behind us was so obnoxiously drunk and so loud, we almost couldn't hear the bands.  They were jumping and screaming in each other's face.  I think I heard more profanity out of their mouths than I've heard on Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax combined.  Security even came up to settle them down, but it didn't work.  Not fifteen minutes after the security visit, one of the guys had fallen face first over his seat into the arm rest of mine and dumped a whole glass of beer on my seat and bottom.  This leaving me soaked in beer and knocked over by a drunk, lanky, walking disaster.  Security promptly kicked him out, but I spent the rest of the evening with enough yeast on my jeans to bake a loaf of bread!  To top it all off, the rest of his group started giving us a hard time for his behavior and him getting kicked out.

Has the human race forgotten how to be civilized?  Are people no longer responsible for their own actions?  I stand by my decision to move to Mars!


  1. smiles. sorry you got the royal treatment from king jerkwad...hard to enjoy a concert with wet pants...did you have a little fun at least? is there wifi on mars?

  2. i'm sorry but i had to chuckle while reading your concert post today! it sounded more like a 'murphy's law' kind of day more than a fun day out!
    no matter what happens to you, you always sound to me as if you handle yourself with grace, taking into account that people around you are falling apart at the seams :)
    mars? well maybe, but you would surely be missed ;)
    hope your pants came clean and that you get better seats next time, caty!

  3. I did have fun! I wasn't about to let anyone keep me from enjoying Chris d. and Jason from Lifehouse :) Plus I had my friends with me and we always have fun. At least we have a story to tell...

  4. concert with wet pants...
    glad that you have some fun...
    Happy Sunday!


    Happy Friday..
    Thank you for commenting on my magpie tale!


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