Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday, I went to a S.C.A.N. event-which is an event to prevent child abuse by offering resources, support,  and education to parents.  It's a wonderful program because over 107,000 kids are abused in N.C. alone every year.  I have seen it many times first hand.  Many times in my travels in the ambulance, I arrive to pick up a baby that has been shaken so badly that a head bleed occurs or a baby that is thrown against something and we have to provide airway support just to get him to our children's center.
  April is child abuse prevention month and I wanted to help make others aware of the severity of this problem.  Child abuse prevention is something I'm very passionate about.  It's really heartbreaking to see an innocent infant or child hurt and destroyed because parents don't feel they have the resources or they lose patience and can't control their frustration. It angers me every time I have to transport one of these precious children.  The sad thing is we probably see at least three a month or more at our children's hospital and at least one of those three don't survive.  I would encourage anyone who can to check into their SCAN programs or child prevention programs and get involved-or just keep your eyes open for things that may be happening around you.  This really must stop...


  1. i can certainly hear your heart on this post. i sat through a child abuse class last year and cried all the way through it. i cannot fathom hurting a child, especially in the ways that were discussed that night. being a grandparent has given me sort of a second chance to make a lot of things right that i didn't do so well at the first time around...yet i still see a haunting look in their eyes at times and i can't help but wonder how i 'missed it'...again!
    thank you for all that you do for those kids :)

  2. This is very touching. You are a strong woman to be able to witness the results of these incidents first hand. I wouldn't be able to control my anger at the irresponsible parent.


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