Monday, April 12, 2010

My job

You know, there are days that I can barely drag myself into work.  Five am comes way too early especially for someone like me; I have trouble turning my brain off and making myself go to sleep.  And 12-16 hour shifts last way too long...but it's days like today and most days-once I'm up and at 'em-that make me realize what a terrific job I have.

Today, I assisted with bringing two sweet little boys into this world; they were a few weeks early, so my help was needed.  It's such a wonderful feeling to see them born and come out screaming.  I provided a little oxygen, an iv, and some meds-then transported them to our children's hospital where they'll receive the care they need to grow and go home.  The day I get to see them go home-in hopefully six weeks or so if all goes well-will be another successful and terrific day. It will be another day that helps to validate the reasons I love being a nicu transport nurse!


  1. I had no clue you were a nurse that must be really exciting keep more of these stories coming

  2. Lovely post, and I'm envious that you can work with new born babies.

    My son spent the first 17 hours of his life in a humidicrib on oxygen, until the fluid drained from his lungs. That was a very long 17 hours...


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