Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...and where did you come from?

As I was sitting at my desk reading some of my favorite blogs, I hear a buzz that rattles my window.  I look to my right and there it is, a yellow jacket the size of my small kitten.  How in the world did that just appear and from where did it get in?  My window is closed tight, not to mention the screen.  Well, thank goodness for the can of Raid I keep in my desk cabinet that sprays a good distance of at least ten feet.  And thank goodness it kills bugs dead because I was not getting anywhere near that monster.  It could have eaten my kitten it was so big.  I could literally count the black and yellow stripes on it and could see its stinger was the size of the little catheters I use to start IV's on babies with.  The Raid worked fast and from a distance...and all is safe in my house again...w-shoo.  So, maybe a little exaggeration with the size, but not much.  And I'm not afraid of bugs, but wow...that bee was, in relative terms, the size of Godzilla compared to the average wasp.


  1. Yikes! I may have nightmares after reading that. :)

    Wasps and creatures of that ilk freak me out more than just about any other creature that might cross my path...way to go for being prepared and having a trusty can of Raid near by!

  2. it's said that a quick squirt from a can of hairspray is supposed to do the trick...guess that it 'freezes' them!!
    i personally liked your method a lot better! my take on bugs, snakes and other critters that come inside is that you enter at your own risk...where's the raid when i need it most?
    glad you're ok and that you survived this ordeal ;)

  3. p.s. would love to hear more about your grandma...it sounded like she has passed away already? i lost mine just a few years ago, right before my granddaughter and i flew home to oregon to see her. it would have been my gdaughters first time to meet any of my family, and i was especially excited for her to meet my grandma...it would have also been a perfect time for a 5 generation family photo.
    i still miss her so much...

  4. Could very well have been a queen. Raid on a window....sounds like a clean up job to me.

  5. I was thinking queen too, but I didn't realize they actually left the nest...I guess I assumed they made the worker bees do everything. Maybe she was having a vacation...oops, guess I spoiled that ;)


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