Saturday, April 24, 2010


My first 5K was a success...I finished!  I ran it in 35 minutes and some odd seconds...I don't have my official placing but came in somewhere in the middle of the pack.  I did come in first place out of my group of six friends I've been training with though.  I came in about 8 minutes ahead of four of them and 12 minutes ahead of one of's a great feeling to work hard for something and accomplish it.  Now, I want to go do it again...but faster!


  1. Good for you! Doesn't sound like something I'd ever want to do...but I'm glad people like it!

  2. Way to go. I remember participating in a run and getting into a sprint to the finish race with some guy for - I don't know - 346th place. Glad you had run and enjoyed yourself.

  3. fantastic! a little rivalry amongst friends is fun but they may change their minds about you if you keep coming in before they do ;)
    happy training!


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