Sunday, April 25, 2010

Change 160

A new adventure awaits
each time the sun comes up.
When you meet the moon
say goodbye to what has passed
for change only happens
when the morning sun arrives

~What can you say in 160 characters?  Visit Monkey Man from blogs I love to if you're looking for a new challenge...come on, it's fun!


  1. Indeed, change comes when we open our eyes to a new day and new possibilities. Great 160. Thank you for taking part and have a solid Sunday.

  2. wonderful 160...each day a new start...each night a time to rest for tomorrows opportunities...nicely done!

  3. Lovely sentiment! Each new day is our chance for a "do over"...some days we even get it right. :)

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog as well.

  4. So true...this is a very healthy way to look at life. And it's a wonderful 160 too!

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  6. hopeful and encouraging,
    excellent 160.

  7. you spoke into me when you said, "say goodbye to what has passed", beautiful one, THIS is going to become my practice today, thank you...

  8. I've learned how much can truly be said in 160 characters from texting!


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