Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six word Saturday

~time to shop for another car~

**This is a post for six word Saturday. Describe your life in six words and see SWS for the guidelines.


  1. yeah, go ahead and shop around but with a beauty like this on your hands, you know you'll never buy another ;)
    have a great saturday, caty! and i wish you well in the venture of car shopping...a girls gotta have a safe ride :)

  2. haha. yeah judging by the pic i would say it is what kind are you thinking of getting?

  3. Looks like, indeed, time to shop for a car!! Trust me...they're a bit more costly than when you bought this one. [wink]

    Thanks for the visit.

  4. ~best of luck on this adventure...i was never one who enjoyed car shopping...not a big fan of those lovely sales people! i hope a beauty comes your way...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. Car shopping, huh? I just about as soon walk on a bed of hot coals as deal with those salesmen...Hope you find what you want at a good price :)
    Thank you for visiting me for SWS at Reflections by Kathy, and for leaving a comment.
    I've spent some time here at your place, this morning, reading. You are a talented writer! I've enjoyed your writings, and I am going to be your newest follower.
    I will be following under my 2nd blog name of maddie/cadesmimi. It's easier since that blog is on blogspot. My main blog is wordpress.

  6. I'm thinking Honda...I've been researching online some and some places around here. I've found a few and one especially that I'm drawn to. Here's hoping all goes well :) thanks for all the well wishes!

  7. We just did that last is not my favorite thing. Good luck on finding just the right one for you.

  8. Nice,
    Honda is what I am driving...
    have fun shopping.

  9. With that car I can see why! LOL

    I am in North Carolina, also!

  10. great picture, and i LIKE the new one too. i also like the reason you started blogging. i actually prefer my bloggy friends nowadays!


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