Thursday, July 22, 2010

My day....

I flew within the clouds today
the scenery taking my breath away

I transported a sick little baby
she had to fly along with me.

Later, I found a couch for sale
plus a chair...what a deal.

I'm sleepy now; it's been a time.
I need to rest this brain of mine.  

**I got to ride in the helicopter today.  The scenery in the mountains was gorgeous, and we even flew through a little rain shower.  Being in a helicopter is completely different from  a plane.  You feel every shift in wind.  It's been a busy day and it just keeps going.  I'm hoping to get to sleep soon because I get to start over and do it all again tomorrow.  Well, except for the couch bargain hunting-instead I'll probably find myself heading to the grocery store after my 12+ hour shift...


  1. nice that you got to see the clouds...wish it had been under beter ok? hope you get some rest tonight...

  2. Love the new look! Sounds like you made the best of a tough 12 hour day. Heli take offs and landings are quite different, aren't they.

  3. I am flying with you.
    very apt poem!

  4. Thank you for your love and care. Heal soon.


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