Saturday, July 31, 2010

annoying caller! -Six word Saturday.

late night unknown caller-I'm curious?

I had five calls last night from 11:30p until 2:15am and my caller id said "restricted."  I didnt' answer because I knew if it was so important, they would leave a message.  And if it was someone I knew, they wouldn't have restricted their call.  Plus, I've checked in on everybody today and all is well.  But why so determined to keep people have nothing better to do with themselves then to stay awake for hours dialing the same number?  And what if I would have answered?  Would they have tried to spook me?  Well, that is why I didn't.  I don't plan on playing into anyone's sick little jokes, and maybe not for my own good, but I don't spook too easy.  It just got a bit annoying, and my enquiring mind would really like to know who it was.  But, I guess I will see what takes place tonight and see if this is going to be an ongoing thing that I may have to take care of or just someone's idea of one time fun on a boring night.

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  1. ack. hard to sleep with the phone missed call i hope does not return...hope you are having a great saturday~

  2. We got a new number in October and kept getting calls for someone named Summer. Mainly collection calls, but some very odd and foreign speaking in nature. We actually had to get nasty to get them to stop. But late at night...aarrghhh. I would have killed. Hope this was a one time deal.

  3. Hope this caller pesters someone different tonight! What a pain...

  4. wow, you sure handled this well! i'm the sort who would want to call them back, say, a few times in the middle of the night. of course, this doesn't solve anything but at least i'm honest ;)
    i really do hope you'll be able to sleep well tonight, caty, and that you're right about a silly prankster who had nothing better to do :)
    sweet dreams!

  5. My 64U:

    Hope he doesn't call you again!

    Here in Spain, we get unfortunately spam calls all day long :(

    Hope you had, nonetheless, a great Six Word Saturday,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  6. I understand,
    I used to have similar experiences...
    great six words.
    Happy Sunday!

  7. unplug your phone,,,drive 'em crazy.

  8. Probably a politician's computer gone bad. :) I've had a raft of calls from them lately but not in the night.


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