Saturday, July 10, 2010

Six word Saturday :)

~I wish it would storm today~

**describe your life in six words. **


  1. hey caty, i hear you on the storms!! we did get a constant easy rain for about an hour and that was about it. i wanted to see the storms you're hoping for...the lightening, thunder, and enough rain that the ground can barely keep it absorbed!
    hope your day is fantastic, with or without the wet :)

  2. too hot,
    wishing you a shower today.

    stay cool,
    you may need to go to a swimming pool...

  3. If wishes were horses, beggars'd ride!

    (I hope you get your wish!)

    SWS: Vacation Countdown

  4. whew. we finally got our storm last night...mid 80s right now but on the way back up...ack!


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