Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's HOT outside! (Sunday 160)

Melting clouds and pickled grass
this heat has just been plainly crass
I'd like to shed my skin and play in my bones
and eat a couple of ice cream cones.

**this is a post for Sunday 160.  Visit Monkey Man to take the challenge and read more!


  1. it is so hot today here in new York. it is almost 100 degree Celsius. unfortunately i did not plan to go to the beach.

  2. Loved your 160!! I just had my share of ice cream...yummmiieee :D
    NYC is extremely hot, save for that drizzle (and the cool breeze that accompanied it) we had some time back... pheww... how blissful that was..
    LOVED the cartoon image! LOL

  3. Sooo funny. I want some of that ice cream too. Great 160. Thank you for playing and making us all smile.

  4. nice 160...i would as been beastly hot here...think i may be shedding a bit after the burn yesterday...

  5. LOVED this! I'm so stinkin' tired of being hot...thanks so much for taking the time to visit at Life is Good.

  6. love, loved your 160, caty!! imagine getting to eat ice cream cones without worrying about putting any weight on ;) you have such a delightful sense of humor!! hope you get some relief very soon :)


    I did accept your award via the link,
    I am given the same award 12 times,
    please check and get two awards back!

  8. I'd like to shed my skin and play in my bones

    Fabulous line!


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