Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sad tale in baby world.

We had horrible storms on Tuesday-tornado warnings included.  The rain came fast and the wind blew hard, flooding the streets quickly.

A young mom was driving with her 3-week-old baby in the back seat "securely" placed in his car seat.  The water on the road was too much and she hydroplaned flipping the car twice and landing it in a shallow creek.  Unfortunately, the shoulder straps on the infant were not properly fastened and the little guy slipped out of the car and into the moving water.  It took rescue thirty minutes to find him and they did all they could for him to no avail.  We were on our way to get the baby from the smaller hospital that he was being rushed to, but he didn't survive long enough for us to get to him.

It makes me sad that this pitiful young mother had so much faith in a safety device, but because she didn't know how to properly secure the infant-it failed her and the baby.  This has inspired me to take a car seat safety training course and participate in the car seat safety clinics offered all across this region for new parents.  It really does matter...


  1. oh so sad...they have those here all the time...the local cops will check them for you and does matter and this shows why...

  2. Oh my goodness...what a sad post. That's just plain sad.

  3. Not in Chicago...budget constraints..they don't do that anymore..and besides the fireman told my daughter the city doesn't want the liability
    how shocking and heartbreaking for this poor woman ... the sorrow she will experience will be almost unbearable
    I will keep this woman in my prayers

  4. I almost didn't come here because I knew it would be bad news. Poor woman.

  5. oh caty, i can't begin to fathom the anguish that this new mom have all of your hopes and dreams dashed in a matter of minutes. i pray she finds a lot of love and support as she picks up the pieces of her shattered life...

  6. hope that you feel better now!


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