Saturday, July 10, 2010

Magpie Tale: Dear Journal-help!

Dear Journal, 
I think I have a stalker, or someone really desperate to be my friend.  I don't remember how this all started, except she was new at the job, feeling clumsy and slow.  All I did was befriend her and give encouragement when all the others had lost patience .  Little did I know she would take an unnatural shine to me.   One night after work, she wanted me to stop and grab a bite to eat with her; I didn't see any harm in it.  We were both hungry and on our way home.  What's a little company going to hurt?  

But in the middle of the meal, she begins to tell me things about myself that set a small spark of anxiety in the back of my mind.  She smiled slyly and said, "I know you almost died when you were seven.  I know a lot about you.  I know how your mouth opens slightly when you are about to fall asleep."  I think my mouth opened slightly-in shock-as she revealed her knowledge to me.  She continued by asking, "Tell me something about you, anything, that I don't already know."  I think my heart went into my throat and my wish for invisibility went unanswered.  

It was then that I began to think this was slightly more than a casual last minute grab of a bite.  It was ominous and very unsettling to me.  My privacy slightly violated.  My sanity slightly removed.  I didn't know how to react except to gobble down my food and quickly take my leave.  

Now, I keep getting texts from her.  She warns me to stop putting her off, she says she's given me enough space, she still cares.  She tells me she misses me and I make her cry.  I myself am having nightmares.  Last night, I dreamed that she sliced me like a ripe tomato for "putting her off" for too long.  I woke up in a cold sweat, and  I'm not sure how to end this.  

Dear Journal, please tell me what to do...

**This is a magpie Tale....supposedly fiction but...well, anyway check out magpie tales to read other great writers!


  1. Wow, fact or fiction? If it's fiction is is a good spooky read. If it is fact, it is just plain frightening. Either way, well written.

  2. what! I need more!
    this is so creepy good

  3. delicious magpie...scary thing those stalkers...i have found you have to cut them off at the head...smiles. loved the part about the tomato, gave me a shiver in its simplicity...

  4. creepy how the tomato was slipped in!

  5. this is CHILLING!!!
    dear caty, this is your journal. go to the nearest police station and share this information with them :) better safe than sorry!!
    on the other hand if this is just one faboulous magpie tale then you have what it takes to put this young lady in her place...i'm anxious to hear how this pans out!

  6. I have to confess, I have had a couple of stalkers in my past. Not fun ~ but your Magpie is!!!!!

  7. Well done! A shivery read and the crafty setting is perfect.

  8. Scary, indeed, but very well done.

  9. only partially true. I have a co-worker that's very fond of me...too fond. she just says some very unnatural things...but no threats.

  10. Just read your return comment. I hope she isn't keen enough to read your blog! Seriously, maybe it is a good idea to get into your edit and take out that and his too! if it is fiction, it was clearly successful!

  11. very catching tale! great writing.

    love your magpie.


  12. WOW! Loved every word... and wanting more now. :)

  13. A tomato is a beautiful thing to be sliced- maybe your dream is telling you that "she" wants to learn from you how to be beautiful on the inside.

    Really nice writing and a bit concerning, if you are uncomfortable, please cut her off!

  14. scary! and a very interesting way to incorporate the magpie image. but still a very creepy thought that there are people out there like that!

  15. wow,
    I read it fully,
    it is so real and spooky.
    magical and exciting tale!


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