Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Her voice was as harsh as a frog's song,
but her heart was soft as melting butter
and her smile was free for the taking.

in her youth, her skin was as porcelain,
ruby lips and eyes of sparkling granite. 
but age brought with it the raisin
and eyes-the faded loss of hope.

Family held her heart and kept it beating
but her old mind told her she was useless.
The years mocked her and she found illness-
illness that was never there.

A stranger, though , she never met.
Her tongue-it would ignore no one.
If you would sit for hours-
for hours she would talk.

Through a stranger's eyes
she portrayed a laughing, charming jewel.
But what those close came to know
 revealed a sadness she couldn't beat.  

Her peace for life has since been found
When several months ago
we placed her in the ground.
Laughter, joys, and tears filled her days
but thoughts would not release the fear.
A heart of gold, a deep love for her family...
If only her mind would have let her be.

** this post is in memory of my beloved gram, even though she was a hypochondriac and complained of being unloved and unwanted (she just couldn't seem to get enough attention)...she didn't let if keep her from showing us (her family) that she loved us.  we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were the most important people in her life.  This was written for One Shot Wednesday.  Take a peek at the link to read some great poets.  


  1. wow. somebody has been busy...nice make over. your poem gave me smiles...glad you have good thoughts of your grandmother...we each have our quirks..and they make us each unique...never met a stranger says much...thanks for linking up to oneshot as well. smiles.

  2. What a special poem in memory of your grammy. I love to write poems and to read them. They come from...and speak to the heart!

    Thanks for hopping over to my blog today Caty.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. This poem in honour of your grandma was very moving, Caty. I'm lucky I clicked through to read this. Write on! :)

  4. I love poems about grandparents
    and this one was so tender

  5. "Her voice was as harsh as a frog's song," ohh i love to listen to frog songs. you poetry is so tender and descriptive. you are truly a great writer.

    with all respect,


  6. aw, she is such a sweetheart!! caty, this was a beautiful tribute to a woman that you must have loved dearly, in spite of a few 'misunderstandings' on her part ;) i lost my gramma a few years ago to alzheimers and i suppose i've said it to you before (when yours passed away recently) but i lost a small piece of myself when she left :(

    your page is gorgeous!! i've never seen this background before, it's very impressive...and i loved your babies on the side bar :) it's got to be amazing to see them fight so hard for life when they're so tiny!

  7. what a beautiful lady and a precious tribute. She is proud of you!!! Know how grannies are "that's my grand daughter. she's a poet you know."

    Thank you for sharing this dear woman with us.

    and for being here for a day at One Shot Poetry

    hugs from the Moon

  8. Wow, I love this. It hits deep and makes me fill a little guilty... My grandma is bi-polar and a hoarder. She sends us stuff ALL the time so that we will 'thank' her and has manipulated her unwanted children since they day they were born.

    Still, she is sad and lonely... And the part about not knowing a stranger is SO her.

    Gives me goosebumps.

    Not to mention how well written it is!

  9. What a heartfelt memory shared in such a wonderful way. You're words describe her in a way that makes the reader really feel they've known her too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. wow what a great poem and some fantastic lines, the following verse was excellent

    in her youth, her skin was as porcelain,
    ruby lips and eyes of sparkling granite.
    but age brought with it the raisin
    and eyes-the faded loss of hope

    thanks for sharing such a beautiful tribute with One Shot..cheers Pete


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