Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leaving the Eye

Life's storm will rage and blow
and in its path, destruction show.
I like to reside in its eye
where the calm and quiet sigh

The storm of life will cause bad dreams
of sights and sounds obscene
I choose to remain in its eye
where the calm and quiet sigh.

The eye of the storm is a place to wade
if chaos and risk make you afraid.
So I plan to stay in the eye
where the calm and quiet sigh.

Alas, I must break from my life's diet
of absolute peace and quiet.
For if I fail the storms embrace, 
my happiness will lose its place.
Therefore I must depart the eye
where the calm and quiet sigh.

***This was written for One Stop Wednesday.  Click the link to be amazed by some really great poets!  


  1. I like your poem, Caty, and want to thank you for your comment on mine. :-)

    Indeed, it is tempting to stay in the calm eye, even knowing that the only way out to the full world beyond, is through the storm. It takes courage to step out. Good for you, and nice job of putting it all down in a poem!

  2. nice. i wonder how much a life of complete peace and calm would satisfy...for many times the storms prepare us for what we are yet asked to do...keep stepping out there....and thanks for linking up to oneshot as well...smiles.

  3. We must embrace that storm...well said.. and with embrace we blossom..bkm

  4. It's the first step into that storm that is often the worse. My nature chooses the calm and serenity but alas it is not reality.

    Beautifully penned

    and thanks for being part of One Shot Wednesday

  5. Wow...brilliant!!! And so positive!!!
    Cherish the calm, but also accept the challenges! An excellent message to one and all...
    You rock, Caty!
    Keep writing, and have a beautiful week ahead!

  6. a very well written piece...i feel Brian is spot on...thanks for sharing with One Stop..cheers Pete

  7. I love it , very well written.


  8. Yes we have choices and some of us like stepping out into the storm now and then, Agree with Brian's comment...well done bravo,
    Came by one stop poetry.


  9. Chaos on all sides
    As the storm around You screams and roars
    Yet in the meddle like you say
    The calm and quiet sight
    Someday You must take up a battle cry
    Or you that storm will slay

  10. it is cool to remain calm and in peace when the storm is on,
    well put,
    love your wit in your words.

  11. oh, caty, this is an excellent work!! i don't want to jump to conclusions but i would have to guess that this is your anthem, written from a heart that has some very deep insight about what it means to truly live!

  12. I would love to have it quiet and calm as well - but if it would be always that way...think it's good to step out into the storm and live the life..

  13. The two sides of calm-- respite and escape-- nicely written!


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