Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is tomorrow and I have plans to stay home.  Since I've already had a tearful breakdown today, I'm sure I will be going through a box of kleenex tomorrow.  I had an anti-Valentine's day celebration with my best friends last night.  Well, we tried anyway.  The restaurant we ate at played the saddest love songs I have ever heard.  My mood was shattered, but I hid it well and was grateful to be surrounded by my best friends.

He text me last night.  I didn't answer him back.  That's some progress, I guess.  I will text him tonight, but I need him to realize that I'm moving on.  If I can't just tell him, then I need to show him.  I had been chatting with someone else briefly and I felt some chemistry there.  Unfortunately, it was short-lived.  He's already told me he wants to pursue another relationship.  At least he was up front and immediately honest, but it just made me wonder what is wrong with me?  It made me feel unlovable and undesirable and it put me back close to square one-and I cried.

Tomorrow, I am going to bathe in my tears and avoid all human contact.  I was invited to a couple's dinner for Valentine's Day; I'd be a 9th wheel.  I will not be attending!

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