Friday, March 19, 2010

things that make me smile.

It's a new day!  And spring officially begins tomorrow!!

I was hoping this blog to be a therapeutic venue to get my feelings out there so I could move on and heal-although it has been that some,I have more so turned it into a venue that has not allowed me to work towards moving on.  It has facilitated my holding on to the heart break instead of letting it go.

So, I am changing the plans for it starting with today.  I am going to tell funny stories from the events of my day or blog about things that make me smile.  I want to focus on the good things that take place in my life because there is a lot of them; by focusing on such, maybe I can start to be truly happy again.  And maybe every once in awhile I will update on the "status" of my heart.

Today, I was at work and watched two elderly gentlemen walk past.  They were the sweetest things and the sight of them delighted my heart.  The elderly have a way, just as babies do, of putting a smile on my face.


  1. I am excited about the new direction of your blog I think its a perfect idea. I look forward to reading it!

  2. Hang in there. Your heart will mend. Positive attracts positive. Your moving in the right direction. Thanks for following.


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