Sunday, March 14, 2010

oh well...

I had a nice time on my blind date.  I wasn't totally disappointed, but I don't understand how people can be so off when trying to "pick" my type for me.  I guess that's the downfall of most blind dates; no one can pick a partner for you-except you.  I was gratefully she tried and thought of me.

I'm not saying it was a bad night, just a spark-less night.  He was nice and not at all ugly; I just couldn't picture myself with him long term and I felt no attraction.  The date was pleasant and not uncomfortable, though.  I think a friendship could definitely bloom from this.

As far as love goes, I am looking for someone to get under my skin; someone to make me laugh.  I don't want someone obnoxious or rude, but someone easy going and fun, and some intelligence is a must. I love adventure so I'd like to find someone who liked to seek thrills now and then.  Being cute would be a bonus, but a good personality can help improve anyone's looks.

I did have a weird dream last night but definitely not unpleasant.  I have recently been in contact with a former crush from my high school days.  Well, actually I met him shortly after high school.  He made the first move telling me he liked me, and once I decided I liked him too, we got together when we could.  He went off to college so I couldn't see him very often; thank goodness for the telephone.  He, unfortunately, broke my heart though, when he decided to start dating my best friend instead.  She had a way of doing that anytime I was interested in someone-stealing them away-but this time it really hurt.

Well, back to the dream.   My former crush and I have recently been chatting as friends, almost nightly for the past week or so.  He found me on facebook and we've just been catching up.  Anyway, I had a dream about him last night that makes me wonder what kind of feelings may be developing for him that I am unaware of.  Then again, the dream could have stemmed from past feelings.  I have to say it has been nice talking to him lately.  Guess I will take this one day at a time.

There is no real update to give on the whole reason for this blog.  I haven't heard from him since last Saturday, and I didn't get to chat with him then.  He hasn't even tried to text me since, and as bad as I want to, I know I really shouldn't text him.  Oh, will these feelings for him and this missing him ever go away? There are moments when I feel like I don't want him anymore.  Unfortunately, those are short lasting.  I'm hoping those moments will start to get longer and longer; my life sure would be easier-or at least less sad.

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