Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have never been much of a runner up until last year about this time.  I started out on a treadmill then started running at a park near my house.  I became a little addicted once I ran outside.  Last year, I was running barely one mile, and now I am up to three miles.  Some friends and I are training for a 5K in April.  I have decided that running is an escape for me.  Whether I'm just running along with others or by myself with my ipod, I just lose myself and can escape all of my thoughts.  The feeling of accomplishment when I am finished and the rush of energy is just breathtaking-literally.  The training I have been doing has taken me to many scenic places and I get a glimpse of the first days of spring.  It's so exhilirating running with the sun shining, a cool breeze blowing, and watching the trees and flowers show their first blooms of the season.  Spring is my favorite time of year and running is a great way for me to enjoy it!  I would definitely recommend giving it a try...

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