Thursday, December 2, 2010

where for art thou, summer? (55)

you could cut off my fingertips
and use them for ice
that's how cold it is;
Ms.Winter never plays nice.
my nose looks like
it is Rudolph's twin
and the coat I'm wearing
is much too thin.
If I must endure
I'll have to inquire
please warm me up
and start me a fire.

**this is a Friday Flash 55 hosted by Mr. Knowitall (G-man).  I think winter is making her entrance...


  1. I feel much better now. I'm not quite that cold yet! Hope you can stay warm.

  2. is definitely getting cold out there...but i will bundle up cause i love me some snow ball fights...smiles. nice 55.

  3. Three Words.....
    Burlington Coat Factory!!
    Loved your shivering 55 My Dear
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. oh we are must be cold weather soul sistas! LOL My husband (the thermostat master) chants, "put on more clothes if your cold"
    Noticed on your profile you live in your own world LOL MEEE TOOO! and I never really know who else is there with me LOL

    Frigid 55!

  5. Love the idea of "Ms. Winter"...I was always told it was Jack Frost...but I like the feminine side of your work today.'s predicted to get up to 80 degrees here...come on down.

    My 55 is posted!! Here is the link for you.

  6. Brrr. It's too cold but your poem is great. Nice 55.

  7. Brrr that is cold, here it is 37 degrees (F) outside that is, well bundle up for they say it is going to be a long cold winter ahead,,and then head South where it is warm,,, nice 55er and cartoon,


  8. it's freezing cold over here as well - this morning we had -10 degrees (Celsius)
    nice 55 caty

  9. I love this warmed my winter heart with smiles!!! :-)

  10. I love it! Makes me want to go sit by the heater.

  11. I missed this on Friday. Don't know how. Great 55 Caty and thanks for stopping by my Sunday 160. Hope it warms up.

  12. Ha - too fun - need a roaring fire to dear with that fashion statement

  13. Your poem is heart warming but it doesn't do much good for my backside which is practically sitting atop my space heater - and I'm still shivering.

    Mine is at:


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