Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday in 160

my nephew is turning six
a milestone with emotions mixed.
He travels through life
with endless passion
and an abundance of energy
I wish I could cash in.

**It's hard to believe I have shared almost six years with my beautiful nephew already.  Time sure does fly.  If I were to ever have my own son, I'd want a replica of my nephew :) Happy Sunday, everyone.
this is a post for Sunday 160 hosted by Monkey Man. What can you say in 160 characters including your spaces?  I'm also linking up to One Stop's Sunday picture prompt.  check out the challenge here.


  1. keep the energy alive,
    Happy Birthday to your nephew,
    cute 160.

  2. An abundance of energy to cash in... being around the kids in my family always makes me feel like that! Wonderful birthday wish in 160.

  3. This is very sweet. Your nephew should be proud to have an aunt who loves him so. Fantastic 160, Caty.

  4. how nice - an abundance of energy - sounds familiar - my son had and still has this (he's 18 now..)
    used in the right way, it will carry him rocket high into the air...smiles - happy birthday to your nephew!

  5. "an abundance of energy" reminded me of my granddaughter, Renee, when she was young. We called her hurricane Nee, Nee. She blew in and when she left the house looked like a hurricane had blown through it. Those were the days, she now has two little hurricanes of her own.

  6. Captured moments, energy bursting at the seams. Well done.

  7. aww to be six and full of energy nice 160 and thanks for linking

    Happy Sunday

  8. smiles. happy bday to him! and just wish i could tap some of their energy...

  9. Happy Birthday to your nephew!

    Here is my Sunday 160: melted

  10. Oh, to have that energy! Great 160!

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  12. I was thinking about you the other day. Hope everything is okay and you are just busy!!

  13. Hello. Beautiful blog. And Happy Birthday to your nephew.

  14. nice...was excited to sign in and see you in my comments today...hope you are well...its been a while...

  15. Children always have an abundance of energy....wish all us adults could cash in....this is a lovely tribute to your wonderful relationship with your precious nephew....hope you are having a blessed new year Caty! :-)

  16. How well I remember when mine were toddlers..only 13 months apart. I always thought you could run a city on the energy of kids. What a nice 160. Happy Birthday to him. He is lucky to have a loving aunt like you.

  17. Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!


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