Sunday, November 14, 2010

a moment's 160

Moments pass by quick
we must learn to enjoy each tick
don't stress about tomorrow
or get stuck in yesterday's sorrow.
yesterday is gone;
tomorrow may not come
 ** I borrowed the picture from Google :)

**this is a Sunday 160 hosted by Monkey Man.  What can you say in 160 characters (including spaces)?  If you'd like to play along or just want to visit and check it out, look around here.  It's challenging and fun!


  1. So true, Caty. All we really have is today!

  2. That's a hard philosophy to live by but a good one to strive for. As usual a great 160, Caty. Thanks for playing along.

  3. So true. Great 160!

  4. wise advice,
    love your way of sealing it.
    beautiful 160.

  5. hello dear caty! wanted to stop by and thank you for the big hug you left me, thank you so much :) i loved your resonates the truth that we know but lose so easily when the waters get a little's so good to see that you are still enjoying this wonderful life!

  6. Loved your 160 Caty...
    What a budding talent you are...

  7. Simple ideal, difficult to realise!

  8. ah yes - every day has it's own burden - enough to live in the here and now...wise 160 words..

  9. This is so true, and a lesson I have come to know very personally this year. Great piece.


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