Monday, November 15, 2010

From Stone to Stone...

Born from a stone was he
the immortal, transforming monkey
He challenged the emperor of Jade
the authority of heaven, earth, and sea
give him a powerful title, he bade.
The emperor granted his wish
but only as a mere stable aide
when the monkey realized
he'd been swindled
His trust in the kingdom
he used his powers of
to wreak havoc on the
emperor's congregation.
when he couldn't be caught
and was victorious in
the battles he fought,
the kingdom finally agreed
to give him the title he sought.
But his mischievous nature
was too much to contain
so he began to cause trouble in
Heaven again.
The armies continued to forfeit
gaining control of this immortal pundit
so, the heavens begged for Buddha's aide
to stop the monkey's disastrous raid.
In the end, The monkey king lost
a wager with Buddha at a great cost.
He was banished to earth as it appears-
remaining pressed under a mountain for 500 years.

**this is a post for Magpie Tales 40 hosted by the wonderful, willow.  Go on a journey over there to discover some wonderfully talented writers and to post some of your own wonderfully talented writing...


  1. What a fantiasitic story. You are such a talent.

  2. A totally different take - what imagination. Love it!

  3. Monkey man liked this as he should but I did too. Between you and Berownie we have been given a gift of history and poetry. Isn't it amazing how a myth can grow and gather religious significance over time. Humans are funny monkeys!

  4. this has the feel of a fable great writing!

  5. ha. this is epic caty...loved your storytelling...

  6. Wascally, momkey. LOL. I really enjoyed this, Caty. :-)

  7. This is great. I love your telling of the Monkey King's story.


  8. I like this. Changing my itinerary so you can read this out loud early in the evening.


  9. Telling Hanuman's tale your way..such thought flow

  10. Cheeky little monkey!
    (Serves him right!)

    Nice story, Caty.

  11. How I ever miss your magpie,
    I love monkey king movie ever since I was a child,
    he is a legend,
    the drama is full of humor, wisdom, excitement, and passion...

    love your interpretation on it. masterful poetry,
    Thanks for sharing with potluck!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. love the ancient chinese tale you weave here!


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