Monday, October 11, 2010

The unsaved [life] text

A life altering moment
a lesson learned too late
she drove along
the highway
right hand on the
steering wheel, left hand
on her cell phone
sending a text to Meg
about the boy in
the grocery store.
her heart aflutter
with excitement, then
a quick peek and a
stolen glance of blaring red
lights too close to avoid
brakes screeching, unsuccessful.
steering wheel turned hard right
the car flipping and turning
the sound of metal
crushing like a beer can,
glass breaking, bones breaking
heart breaking...
and the last things she
saw were the beautiful
wet leaves smashed
on her severed
windshield just before
the lights went out.
the text left unsent...

**this is a magpie tale hosted by the wonderful, Willow.  Visit here to read some amazing pieces and meet some great writers.  Join in the fun.

**Time i spend in the emergency room of hospitals has opened my eyes to the many preventable child and teen tragedies; it's always a heartbreaking scene.  Hopefully, some day, we can educate them enough to convince them that they too are mortal.


  1. What a powerful poem, current with the times. So many tragic deaths occur due to texting while driving. Thank you for this.

  2. dang...that took a turn for work is creeping more into my is heartbreaking...texting while driving....dumb...

  3. Powerful piece and surely one that consumes too many of our youth and too many of our nightmares.

  4. This is very powerful. It should be posted where all teens could read. Multitasking with your life is like poking at the Grim Reaper with a stick.

  5. Texting & driving...not a gd combination.

  6. Caty this is so heartwrenching....i know that you have to see so many heartbreaking things working in the ER...thank you for what you do...your strength and insight pours out in your beautiful words. :-)

  7. Fine job! Great piece to raise awareness.
    Google "Texting Video UK" to see a very powerful Public Service Announcement on this topic.
    Every teen should watch this!

  8. Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island


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