Thursday, October 7, 2010

The fair in 55

They will fry you anything
at the good ole county fair
snickers, bananas, butter
they'd probably fry some air.

You'll see all kinds of folks
at the good ole county fair
a variety of unique souls
and boy, the clothes some wear.

Be sure to ride the ferris wheel
at the good ole county fair.


**Went to the fair tonight and ate way too much food...but isn't that the purpose of going?  Playing along with Friday 55 today-hosted by the always entertaining, G-man.  Visit his blog here.


  1. Caty...?
    I Loved your 55!!!
    Most excellent ditty My Dear!
    I also Love the Good ole County fair!
    Thanks for playing this week, and have a Kick Ass Weeki-End.

    Funnel Cake please...

  2. Great rhyme -- it echoes the fun of the fair1 I wish our's had fried Oreos!

  3. love it. we really dont have a great fair here..but i remember the days/ nice 55! and they will fry any thing...have you seen fried voke yet?

  4. I haven't been to a county fair in a while and I miss it. It is as you describe. Fried air? Cute!

    Mine is up.


  5. i would love to try some fried snickers...great 55!

  6. Yes, they will fry anything. We actually dusted off the deep fryer a bit ago and deep fried as if we were our own county fair. Including Twinkies. Great 55.

  7. Fun 55, Caty!

    I used to look forward to the corn dogs and fried Twinkies at the state fair every year.

    The Michigan State Fair was America's oldest state fair. The final fair was held in 2009, after the state's increasing budget deficit finally made if impossible to continue.

  8. Fried Oreos, a new one one me!

    ummm, funnel cake, wonderful empty calories to die for. :)

    Lovely 55 and artsy blog.

  9. Fried Oreos? I'll stick with the funnel cake. Fried air? Hmmm.... Is that what I've been breathing? No wonder the booths smell heavy.

  10. creative thoughts,
    inspirational 55.

  11. Nice synthesis of poetry and imagery.


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