Tuesday, October 5, 2010

birthdays and memories

Today is your birthday.
Your flame having
been quenched
leaves only memories
lingering in my mind.
Memories of the
fire for life you
dazzled me with.
My psyche is engulfed
with cherished images
of a childhood
full of giggling,
hugs, and cookie
oh, those summer
weekends at Gramma's.
I remember your smell
the feel of your arms
and the way
the spark in your eyes
revealed your love
as a blazing lantern
reveals a darkened path.
I miss you still.

**My grandma (my dad's mom) died 13 years ago, today is her birthday, and it's still hard to imagine her not around. She left an impact on our whole family.  Her "family" cheeks, her smile, the love she showed for the grandkids, the passion she had at keeping the family together.  She was a wonderful woman and I am so blessed to have my childhood memories of her forever a part of me. I wrote this for Magpie Tales 34 hosted by the wonderful, Willow.  Stop by and check out some pretty terrific writing!


  1. aw...wonderful tribute...i have one grandmother...my other died the first few years of my life...happy birthday to her...

  2. Lovely Magpie ... I would hope my grandchildren remember with as much love!

  3. Caty this brought tears to my eyes...such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful grandma!

  4. This brought memories of my own dear grandmother who passed away all too soon. Lovely tribute.

  5. Happy Birthday to her...
    sweet tribe.

  6. A very nice tribute. No matter how many years pass, the memory stays fresh. But only love can do that and she sounded a terrific lady.

  7. A lovely memorial for a special relationship. Our grandchildren want a special relationship with grandparents. It offers them a non-judgemental wisdom and confidence in family continuity.

  8. so touched! lovely tribute..may her soul rests in peace..i miss mine too.

  9. Grandmas' are very special people. They contain every story of every family member( both good and bad)They are an endless source of just how bad yer Mom or dad were at the same age you were when you decided that flying was possible given the right wind speed and Moms new sheets form Sears. And of course, the roof of the garage was just the perfect height from whence to launch into history! Oh, the pain of reality! Thank God for her hot cookies; cold milk; and endless kissy boo boos! A wonderful piece Caty. Long live Grandmas! If only in our hearts and dreams. After all, we will all be Grandmas and grumpy old grandpas sooner or later,, wont we? hehehehehehe

  10. Caty...
    My Grandma was the guiding light of my life.
    She raised me with love and pride back in the day when being illegimate was highly frowned upon..
    My Gramma's birthday was October 3rd.
    You story made watery eyes...

  11. Happy Birthday to her... what a wonderful tribute you have given her. And are you carrying forward what she taught you?

    Well done magpie.


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