Wednesday, September 15, 2010

time is not a promise

Her golden-hued curls 
always caught the 
just right and her
white chicklet smile
could stop your heart 
when she aimed it 
at you,
eyes of emerald 
that sparkled when a 
moment of laughter 
over came her
which was quite often.
As a child of 
with a mind full 
of curiosity
she was the star 
of her world,  
as she was the star
of her parent's world.
But it took only 
a moment
for the star's twinkle 
to fade 
and for a world 
to be
permanently altered
without warning
or reason,
when disease attacks
ravaging innocence
rendering parents 
to their knees
because they
assumed many
more days and 
a bright future
But without apology,
suffering revealed 
it's deceitful face
and with it
brought death- 
A loss unexplainable
and sudden.
How will they deal
with such pain?
And the rest of us-
we're left heavy-hearted
but grateful 
for every minute
we have left 
with our loved ones.

**this is a poem for Oneshot Wednesday and imperfect prose.  The pediatric ICU was a sad place today as a healthy five year old was ravaged by an unknown infection this week that took her life unexpectedly.   My heart's been heavy and my thoughts have been with this family all day today.   


  1. oh man this is heavy..and see one struck so and the loss...makes me think of when Ts mom died from a blood took a while but she was gone so fast...nice one shot and IP...

  2. and with it
    brought death-
    A loss unexplainable
    and sudden.

    so emotionally sad and heartbroken, vivid portrayal of life's cruel side.

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  4. oh friend... how sadly fitting... how my heart aches... i'm hearing your cry, and it's a haunting melody. thank you for sharing this young one's memory with us. ((oh, those parents... how i will pray))

  5. Caty...
    You must really LOVE your job!
    Heart wrenching.
    You are cordially Invited to Friday Flash 55.
    Compose a story with a plot, and a central charactor, In exactly 55 words. Post it here, then come to my blog and leave a comment in the comment section. It's creative, challenging, and Fun. Think about it...G

  6. I felt the pain... in the verse and in you...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya.

  7. i'm here from emily's and this is so sad, yet the need to write it is so understandable. i hurt so much for those parents and staff touched by this little one's loss.

  8. Heart rending...beautifully written.

  9. Heart wrenchingly sad how their happiness suddenly turned to their worst. Real touching in a painful way Caty.

  10. Mrs. MM and I take photographs at cemetaries and are always so saddened at those buried so young they hadn't even been named - "baby" Smith. You are a modern American hero.

  11. So sad, yet the death of a child happens somewhere every day. As a matter of fact, my oldest son's best friend just lost his almost 4 year old son this week after battling the rare disease Fucosidosis. Meanwhile last week another local couple lost their 3 month old baby to SIDS. Your poem was beautiful, by the way. Hoping for a more uplifting week next week:)

  12. I'm glad you could put your grief into these touching words. So much suffering. No wonder your heart has been heavy for this family.

  13. your poetry is beautiful and yet so sad. i am praying for this family and for you.

  14. Phhhewww.. this was a real tight read!!
    A horrible experience for the parents to watch a child "fade away"... yikes!
    And seriously, it makes us all heavy hearted, sitting and thanking for every ounce of life we (and our loved ones) enjoy!
    Excellently written!! Very sad though..

  15. When I was at Children's hospital, my heart was getting broken all the time. Grateful for stalwart souls (like you) who not only take care of the children but the families.

    Love and sorrow my dear.

    moon hugs

  16. omg - that is so heavy - and makes one so thankful for every day we are allowed to live and breathe
    a friend of mine is a nurse for babies that were born too early - and she sees such a lot of struggle and suffering and it breaks my heart when she tells me about it

  17. Oh Caty this is such a heartbreaking, yet beautiful poem...thank you for sharing it. God bless you! :-)

  18. this was so heart rendering...very well written though..i share your pain..pete


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