Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Puppet Master

you keep on speaking the words
empty words like evaporated
water with no meaning elicit
feelings of false hope
and short-lived joy.
why continue to
breath such lies
why continue
to believe
such lies?
In the
it takes
for you
to reel me
back in, you
are already
to run
a puppet
on a string
I continue
to follow your
lead, waiting in
anticipation for your
next move, hoping soon
for you to cut loose the thread
that binds me mercilessly to you.

**this is a poem for One Shot Wednesday- a great place for poets and writers to meet.


  1. wow. tight verse...and the shape of your words looks like the lips that might be saying this...intentional or otherwise...nicely done. happy one shot!

  2. Nobody should be anyone's puppet. Strong work, Caty!

  3. Excellent One Shot, Caty. Some very powerful feelings there.

  4. a powerful poem indeed - bound mercilessly to the puppet master..shouldn't be that way..great one shot caty

  5. Caty this is a well written poem...there is such power in these what you did with the shape and feel of it...awesome one shot!:-)

  6. Love on a string is thin... nice shape poem. My poem is about goodbye.Hope your week goes well

  7. Dear Caty, Lost my first comment.

    Just wanted to say - bondage, in misery or ecstasy, is pretty tiresome. I am with you here.

    Let us all break free.

  8. a great piece...very well thought out..and i agree no one should be any ones puppet..thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

  9. I must say there are way too many relationships that are based on that type of puppet relationship. Great picture to go with the poem.

  10. u write so well,
    the image makes a perfect match to your poem.
    outstanding work!

  11. Caty, this drew me right in. Maybe it was the TV in the first photo, but I saw Madison Avenue as the "culprit," luring us in with promises of "thinner, younger, more beautiful," sending us off to exchange our money for the magic potion. Well done.

  12. Tightly wound the speaker. she wants to be cut lose but you also can feel the tension of that request
    nicely written
    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  13. I was in one of those relationships before. Now I keep scissors on hand.

    It will get better. The longer you stay away, the less you'll miss him.

  14. Merciless is exactly the right word. I loved the part about turning to leave even as they reeled you back in. I have lived this for sure and I feel the echo of the hurt as I take in your words. Extremely well done. Thanks for sharing this, Caty.

    PS--thanks for your comment at my blog!

  15. So sorry am late Caty was sick in the hospital just now got back and getting around to commenting. This is a very intricate poem and I have known people in such situations before but no one deserves to be controlled like that at all so Bravo!! And I truly admire your blog and writing and thanks for stopping by mine.

    P/S: The pic is perfect for this poem~


  16. Very deep, very powerful words. Cut the threads and be in control of your own puppet days.

    Great magpie!

  17. reminds me of the song "everybody plays the fool" been there... great one

  18. To love and let go is one of life's hardest lessons, but it makes you so much stronger once you've learned it.
    (I love the tiny feet and helping hands photo, btw!) :)

  19. very animated and thought provoking piece.
    Thanks for sharing, Caty.

  20. This is wonderful..
    thanx for seeing me on
    you are not alone btw.. :)

  21. Wow, such powerful thoughts, loved the structure of your poem too!! Thanks so much for linking with Poetry Potluck, your support means so much! Hugs x

  22. How we bind ourselves to others...definitely like a puppet on a string. Those strings can be cut one by one, as we begin to grow stronger within ourselves.
    Great poem.


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