Sunday, August 8, 2010

sunday 160-the homeless

A beggar on the street corner
dirty clothes and smelling of swine
while cars, they just drive on by.
He probably needs a helping hand
-maybe it should be mine.

**this is a Sunday 160 sponsored by Monkey Man.  Head over there to take a peek, read a few, and maybe try it for yourself.


  1. Strong, very strong image and emotion....Just discovered the 160. I'm liking it a lot.

    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  2. indeed it could be yours. i constantly these kind of things in the subway and streets of new York. the thing is that nobody really cares.

  3. how kind u r,
    I used to see such in Chicago or back in my home country, very touching 160.

    beautifully written!

  4. and maybe it should...i wish more people saw it and were willing to do something about it...

  5. Great 160. Powerful image. Thanks for playing.

  6. beautiful 160!
    at the moment our church has saturday night services on our town's market place and lots of homeless people are around, drinking and listening to a message that may set them free, connecting to us and starting to gain trust

  7. what you said in 160 was something i have been trying to capture in so much of my verse..excellent share cheers Pete

  8. A lot of light shed in so few words. Excellent.

  9. What a beautiful sentiment expressed so tightly. Perfect 160.

  10. oh caty, this was wonderful...thought provoking and challenging! it is so much easier to turn away but one small act of kindness can bring so much hope! i say, GO FOR IT, but be careful :)

  11. few words, but great words. this was so well said, dont think it could have been put better. well done :)

  12. hey dropped off the earth...thought i would stop in an make sure all is well...


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