Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diet (55)

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig
for that brownie, I will beg
Nutrisystem, Adkins diet
I don't even wanna try it.
How 'bout just a balanced meal
the triangle still has appeal
a cardboard box microwaved
with no taste, but calories saved.
(all this depraved)
just some old fashioned exercise
will keep you in the proper size.

This is a Friday Flash 55 hosted by the entertaining G-man. 


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Don't eat like s*** and exercise. That's what I tell people I do to lose my pregnancy weight. :p

  2. oh but exercise takes effort...smiles.

  3. I, myself, have written a couple of poems about dieting - I'm an RN, too - one appear in my first poetry book, published at the age of 65,
    "Life' Journey", available on Amazon. Yours is delightful!

    My 55 is at:

  4. Great 55! The winter bloat is in full force and yoga ain't cuttin' it for me these days.

  5. This is great. Mrs. MM recently started a new job where she oversees a big shoe manufacturer's training web site. A trainer she works with says - "Don't deprive yourself. Just add something healthy to your diet, eat a tad less and do basic exercise." Looks like you nailed it.

  6. Be relax first and should take energetic diets and exercises.


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