Monday, January 31, 2011

A Longing for Spring

She stayed inside the house
wrapped tight inside a fleece blanket
with winter at her door
she refused to go outside yet.

Jack brought his yearly frost
and laid it nearby her windows
she refused to accept
his gift of the icy arrows.

He tried and tried for months
to grasp hold of her attention
seeking to win her favor
with snowy manipulation.

But she adored the sun
basking in its bright earthly glow
so she sat in longing
for the warm star's returning show.

Near the month of April
Jack Frost went away defeated
taking the ice and snow
leaving the flowers and greens repleted.

So her smile bloomed again
when the earth blossomed in color
her blanket slid away
As she amused at spring's wonder.
**The winter blues were just about to do me in, and then we had sixty degrees the last few days!  I think I might just make it to spring :).  I wish they made a Tylenol for spring fever!
**I'm linking up to One Stop Poetry form-Ballads; thought I would give it a shot.  I'm also linking up to Magpie Tales 50- an awesome place for writers to hone their skills, just write, and enjoy other creative pieces.  Oh, and it's hosted by Willow.  So now for the first time in over a month, I'm going to spend some time reading a few Magpie Tales...sometimes it's so nice to have a free moment or two :)  Happy Monday, All. 


  1. Loved the story hun! X

  2. woo hoo come on spring...i dont want no jack you know...smiles. this weekend was gorgeous...i want more of that...

  3. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...
    Spring has come and has its pick
    Of sunny climes and springy times.

  4. I love your blog !
    Very nice poem too!!

  5. lol you got the narrative thing down, caty :) and I'd already read your comment on someone else's work in regards to form and lines. but. in this one it'd be an easy transistion :)

  6. Great Job Caty...
    We share the same thoughts


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